Why Hideo Kojima Should Take Over Silent Hill Development

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Let’s face it; as much as we all love Silent Hill soooo much, things just haven’t been the same since Silent Hill 3, or even 4, the last from Team Silent. Granted, if every game was exactly the same, we’d be disappointed, too. The success of a franchise is based on how it can keep delivering what works, while exploring the stories and abilities of the game, itself, i.e. offering something new. Well, ever since the franchise got shipped over seas, we see glimpses of our beloved games, and I’ve had a lot of fun, but it has never fully delivered the way it used to.

A glimmer of hope lit up the Twitterverse the other day, as legendary Japanese developer, Hideo Kojima started talking about the possibilities for Silent Hill in the new FOX engine. Attached to a photo of the first Silent Hill movie on DVD, he wrote:

“Silent Hill” movie that I borrowed from Murashu as the next sequel is coming out. It would be a scary game if we make Silent Hill game on FOX engine.!(◎_◎;)”

FYI, Kojima Productions built the impressive FOX engine from the ground up and we got to see it in action at E3 2011.

“Silent Hill” is in closed room setting and doesn’t require full action so that we can focus on the graphic quality. Enemy doesn’t have to be a lot or move fast. It only requires scariness by graphics and presentation. As being a creator making action game in open world, such game is very enviously attractive. Wish someone could create this on FOX engine.

Well, well, well, Kojima San, that someone could be you!

Why Hideo Kojima would be the perfect man for the job:

  1. ACCESS – he got promoted to President of Konami Digital Entertainment Tokyo last year; the birth place of Silent Hill. He also owns the rights to the FOX engine, so there ya go.
  2. EXPERIENCE – as one of the most respected directors in the industry, Hideo Kojima is responsible for such games as Metal Gear, the moody Policenauts and countless others. The man knows how to make a  game based on concept, not just money.
  3. AWESOME FRIENDS – Kojima is already working with Suda51 and (ta daaa) Team Silent veteran, Akira Yamaoka on a radio play for his cyber punk tale, Snatcher.  With Yamaoka and Suda51 at the creative helm via Grasshopper, and being overseen by Kojima, we could very well see the return of what made Silent Hill so disturbingly addictive in the first place.
  4. MOTIVATION – he already shows interest. As president of Konami, “someone could” can easily turn into “do it now.”
Obviously, this is a real “nerd boner” for us hardcore, old school fans but with Vatra in trouble, the next developer could be very much open for a new contract.  Here’s a supportive nod and respectful bow to you, Sirs. Make it Grasshopper, please!!
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