Updated Look at Exclusive White Hunter Statue

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For those of you who enjoyed the new White Hunter art by Masahiro Ito, you’ll be interested to see how the corresponding sculpture is doing. The official Japanese Silent Hill Facebook Page posted this updated look today:

White Hunter Scupt

Only three of these beautiful statues will allegedly be produced and presented to three lucky winners in an exclusive Japanese contest. Fans were asked to vote for their favorite villain from Silent Hill: Book of Memories and the winner by the landslide was of course, Pyramid Head.

In response, Masahiro Ito painted this gorgeous new portrait of the White Hunter, which is currently being sculpted by HEADLONG.

Silent Hill White Hunter

Soon after, Hill Heads all over the world got to drool over the amazing prototype coming to life:

White Hunter Sculpt 1White Hunter Sculpt 2

I asked Masahiro Ito what he would call White Hunter’s weapon of choice, but he said it didn’t have a name yet. “Great…pile driver…or something,” he laughed.

Congratulations to the three lucky winners!!

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  1. H.B. Duran May 17, 2015 at 7:16 pm -

    Gaah I want one. 🙁

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