Pyramid Head Statue by ToyMunkey is To Die For

Posted on by H.B. Duran

ToyMunkey Studios (in collaboration with Gecco Corp) has just released all-new photos of their impressive Pyramid Head statue for fans to drool over. We saw the unpainted version at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), but the painted version is oh so awesome! To add to the “gotta have it” response you’re sure to experience, Masahiro Ito tweeted today that he painted the artwork for Pyramid Head’s box. What I love most about this statue is that it embodies Ito San’s original Team Silent design, which stole our hearts and filled our pants back in Silent Hill 2. The statue’s pose even reflects the first time we saw him, all huddled and crying in the closet. You know you were crying, shut up.

As you can see, the details are amazing! ToyMunkey’s Pyramid Head statue, sculpted from PVC, stands an impressive 13″ tall and will be available for purchase this Fall/Winter 2012. As of this post, we were not able to find a suggested retail price but rest assured we will have it available in our store if at all possible!


ToyMunkey says that the painted Pyramid Head statue is still pending approval, but I can’t imagine anyone not loving it to death. Although the movie version of Red Pyramid (Pyramid Head’s original name), as reimagined by Patrick Tatopoulos is intimidating and awesome, fans still seem to prefer Masahiro Ito’s original design over how he appears in Silent Hill: Homecoming and the films.

In addition to our favorite executioner, ToyMunkey has already sculpted these beautifully deadly Silent Hill nurses, as they appeared in the 2006 film and Silent Hill: Homecoming. The bases are shaped so that you can align them and create a horde of nurse nastiness.


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  1. Whitney October 4, 2012 at 6:34 pm -

    Just wanted to let you know Toymunkey posted on their facebook that the statue will have a MSRP of $154.99 in the US 🙂

  2. H.B. Duran October 4, 2012 at 6:38 pm -

    Sweet, thanks, lady! 😀

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