A Silent Hill Story: Lost Days Returns to Silent Hill 2

Posted on by H.B. Duran

As far as Silent Hill fan films go, A Silent Hill Story: Lost Days may just be the best one we’ve seen. Based on the events of Silent Hill 2, Lost Days delves into Mary Shepherd-Sunderland’s painful descent into disease and James’ struggle between love and guilt.


So why this story in particular?

“I love Silent Hill 2,” says writer/director, Brett Driver. ” because I’m a huge sucker for tragic stories with broken characters. When characters are at their weakest, I believe they become more relate-able. We can all understand loss, but falling into darkness and facing your own demons is truly a frightening scenario. We all have to face up to our actions, and sins at some point, I really find that fascinating.”

Thanks to a successful Indie Gogo campaign, Driver raised over $4,500 to bring his vision to life. Despite the modest budget, Driver and co-writer/director, Theron Patrick capture this tragic love story with a stellar cast, chilling cinematography and a simple, yet effective piano soundtrack by Rob Hardie.

Without further adieu, please enjoy A Silent Hill Story: Lost Days! (WARNING: MAJOR GAME PLOT SPOILERS)

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who helped bring this awesome fan film to life. Well done!

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