Silent Hill Slot Machine Announced; Fans Lose

Posted on by H.B. Duran

If you were already bummed about the cancellation of Silent Hills, your tears will reach a new bitter level at this latest news from Gamescom 2015; the next Silent Hill game will be a slot machine.

Developed by Takasago, the Silent Hill slot machine will premiere in Japanese arcades this October. Although the following trailer implies a connection to Silent Hill 2, screenshots reveal anything but a coherent story.

Konami isn’t winning any favors with fans, recently announcing their focus on mobile games, fallout with Hideo Kojima, cancelling Silent Hills and now this.

Why are fans so angry? Silent Hill changed the way horror games were made. With brilliant storytelling and intriguing gameplay, Team Silent created a world that changed video games forever. After Silent Hill 3, fans became disheartened at the sudden change in the series’ tone, and try as they might, no developer outside of Japan could seem to recapture the initial allure of the first three games.

To see our beloved, serious game franchise reduced to a slot machine is a kick in the face when fans are already down.

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