Red Pyramid Thing & Bubble Head Nurse Variants Headed to SDCC ’13

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For you Hill Heads lucky enough to attend  San Diego Comic Con 2013, Gecco, Mamegyorai and ToyMunkey Studios have unveiled two Silent Hill statue variants exclusive to the show:

Red Pyramid Thing – Mannequin Version


Similar in many ways to the limited edition Red Pyramid Thing statue, this variant swaps the “Laying Demon” (aka Patient Demon or Straight Jacket) with the iconic Mannequin. This extremely rare variant is limited to just 1,500 in the world.

Size: 1/6 Scale

Height: 33 cm

Material: ABS / PVC

Sculptor:  Mr. Shinya Akao aka HEADLONG

Paint Masters:  Mr. Tsuyoshi (ACCEL)

Packaging Art: Masahiro Ito 

Price: ¥ 12,800 ($130)


Bubble Head Nurse – Masahiro Ito Version


Masahiro Ito himself told us today that a special “Masahiro Ito” version of the Bubble Head Nurse will be available:

This statue is based on a this box art
and I asked to be very true to the SH2 original model face and to change its thigh-high boots color to crimson. P.S. The Bubble Head Nurse in SH2 is suffocated by covering her head with a vinyl like condom.

Masahiro told Mamegyorai that although nice, the original Bubble Head Nurse did not encorporate his original head restraint design. If you look at the original box art, you’ll see what he’s talking about. If you’re not crazy about the new head, don’t worry. According to the official Mamegyorai page, the arms and head will be interchangeable with the existing Bubble Head nurse statues, so you can switch the pipe to her other hand, etc.

Size: 1/6 Scale

Height: 25 cm

Material: ABS / PVC

Sculptor:  Mr. Tanabeshin

Paint Masters: Yoshinori Yatake (ACCEL) 

Packaging Art: Masahiro Ito 

Price: ¥ 9,800 ($120)


Both statues will be available starting July 18, 2013 at San Diego Comic Con and no doubt, marked up considerably on eBay shortly after. Mamegyorai will distribute them in Japan, while ToyMunkey Studios will have exclusive rights in North America. Keep it here as new information develops!

Like to paint your own statues? For $150 you can order your own, exclusive unpainted Red Pyramid Statue through ToyMunkey Studios HERE.


Special thanks to Masahiro Ito for the news tip!

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