Silent Hill Revelation 3D Trailer Breakdown

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*pushes up glasses* in which the Hill Heads are about to get real nerdy. Let’s take a frame by frame look at the latest movie trailer and make our predictions and observations, shall we?

First, the Silent Hill Revelation Trailer:

No, Sharon is not dead at the end of the first movie. To everyone who asks me that, the answer is no. This is what happens next…

0:24 – “Sharon” still suffers from Silent Hill nightmares, and Alessa’s dark self has grown with her. (NOTE: this movie takes place six years after the original.) “They’re calling me” – Sharon remembers who she is to the town and knows that they want her back. This is drastically different than in Silent Hill 3, in which Heather has no recollection of her true identity. Also, The Order just wanted to kill her the first time around…perhaps they need her to stop Alessa because she’s the other half?

0:35 – Sharon moves around a lot with her dad to prevent The Order from finding her. My guess is that they assumed the Order members were all dead, but learned differently somehow. Her mother, Rose is suspiciously missing, and perhaps dead. Did The Order kill her trying to get to Sharon?

0:43 – The Otherworld and real world colliding is a very cool thing. It suggests that the world controlled by Alessa dwells within her and she can’t escape it. In Silent Hill 3, the Otherworld is actually controlled by Claudia, so time will tell if this is the case in Revelations. Did it show up because of Vincent’s presence?

0:48 – Vincent appears in the Otherworld for a split second, did you see that? The two worlds collide and he brings her back. As we know, Vincent is a member of the The Order and helps Heather in his own way. Having him be a fellow student at her new school is a clever way for him to enter the picture.

0:53 – Oh, Douglas. Just trying to do his job but still coming across as a stalker. Probably won’t see him in his boxers this time.

0:58 – Christopher DeSilva calls his daughter “Sharon” as before. However, on IMDb, they are credited as Heather and Harry Mason. My guess is that they are using aliases. Someone’s trying the door knob, but unless Douglas has super speed, that’s not him. If that’s a Missionary, he’s not gonna open the door very easily with those blades on his arms.

1:08 – Sharon must have been “rescued” by Vincent once again and they got sidetracked ditching Douglas’ tail. She doesn’t come home right away but when she does, her dad is gone. “Come to Silent Hill” seems a bit forced. The screenwriter in me just threw up in  my mouth a little bit.

1:13 – “Do you know what that is?” Vincent, if you’re trying to be sneaky, you’re doing a terrible job. It would be cool if Alessa’s memories keep coming to the surface, but the Seal of Metatron suggests that she just remembers the symbol from its box. Since we didn’t see that in the first movie, I’m thinking that whatever Order member attacked them (that’s how I would have written it, anyway), had that on him/her. We know from IMDb that Leonard Wolf is in the movie, but he’s gotta be missing that seal!

1:25 – Vincent is grounded, me thinks. As if rescuing her dad wasn’t enough, now she wants to find her new friend/potential love interest.

Vincent isn’t as mysterious without his glasses.


1:33 – The Order is VERY much still intact, and have been stricken with a terribly rude staring problem. Hello, Dahlia! (She doesn’t look as thrilled to see her daughter this time around.)

1:49 – Cool new monsters courtesy of Patrick Tatopoulos – and of note, this mannequin spider dude looks a bit like Scarlet from Silent Hill: Homecoming.

1:55 – Talking to Leonard Wolf, we learn that the Seal of Metatron is a key to unlock the “true nature of things.” Will it give Sharon the ability to control the Otherworld?

1:59 – Alessa’s dark side seems to be on a rampage, ever since Rose smuggled her into the church. To make matters worse, Pyramid Head is now a jailer and not just executioner. Are those the souls of The Order members killed in the first movie? And why the hell wasn’t Pyramid Head invited to that party, that’s what I wanna know!

Settle down! You wanna lose that hand?


2:04 – Yep, my hunch is correct. They need Sharon to stop Alessa, who is throwing a royal tantrum at present. Welcome to Lakeside Amusement Park! For some reason, Pyramid Head running the rides is friggin’ hilarious to me. He looks like an organ grinder’s monkey. Oh, and Vincent’s back. Members of the Order definitely have Mr. DeSilva – holding him as hostage as opposed to killing him to feed the hatred inside Sharon.

2:15 – Sharon must face her dark side and true identity – this should be an awesome showdown! Oh, and hello, Claudia.

2:24 – Expect a lot of that “Great Knife In Your Face” gimmick, me thinks. Still looks cool.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D hits theaters October 26, 2012. In the meantime, you can check out the IMDb page, official website, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Tracea October 18, 2012 at 12:08 am -

    Adhering to Silent Hill 3’s storyline will have made for a simple film translation. However since discrepancies and alterations were made by screen writers and the director novice audiences may end up either becoming confused or being told an entirely different tale. Clearly not every level from the game can be transferred on screen, but with a masterful collaboration of team silent, actual study of SH’s structure and placing key elements to shorten run time sounds far better.

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