Silent Hill Named One of 100 Greatest Video Games of All Time

Posted on by H.B. Duran

Time Magazine has announced their picks for 100 Greatest Video Games of All Time, and it’s no surprise that Silent Hill is right up there.

Picks were chosen by decade, and Silent Hill was listed as one of the top games of the 1990’s; along with Tomb RaiderResident EvilDoomMortal KombatMyst and more. The site is also conducting a poll for each game choice to see if viewers agree. As of this posting, 68% of readers concurred that Silent Hill deserved the spot.

“Even though there was gunplay and occult plot devices, this playable frightfest rotated around an everyman psychological horror concept. No special agents here, just a guy who could barely aim a shotgun. Harry felt like he was going crazy during Silent Hill – and players did, too.”

Silent Hill indeed helped change the way we look at “survival horror,” even though the term was invented by Capcom’s PR team for Resident Evil. The two games have been compared on more than one online debate, but it’s safe to say that Silent Hill created a world all its own; a world we long to explore almost 13 years later.

Silent Hill

For me, Silent Hill represented a place where you couldn’t run from your inner demons, but rather had to face and outsmart them to survive. The moment I picked up the game, I was addicted and to this day,  have no desire to kick the habit. From strange puzzles to disturbing monsters, haunting environments and chilling music, I was allured to my new Hometown by Konami’s brilliant tale of fog, white noise and air raid sirens. I’ve been there ever since.

Congratulations to Konami for having five games in the top 100!

You can read the write-up here and cast your vote saying you agree with their choice! Curious to see who else made the cut? Check out the complete list.

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