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From the Lost DaysSilent Hill FROM THE LOST DAYS is a Silent Hill 3 fan film in pre-production by Spanish filmmakers, Fog Films. Their biggest project to date, FROM THE LOST DAYS comes 7 years after the success of their first Silent Hill fan film, Broken Notes. Although they already have costumes, locations, props and much of the needed equipment, additional funding would be used to make the film as high-quality as possible.



Per their Indiegogo page:

We just need a little extra backing to cover the wardrobe and make-up, some special fx and the transport expenses for cast and crew (gas for the cars). For a long feature film (more than 2 hours) we think 2500€ is a very reasonable fit.

This is how the money will be used:

– 30% wardrobe
– 25% special sfx
– 15% extra equipment
– 10% make-up & hair-dressing
– 10% transport
– 10% Indiegogo campaign and rewards.

If the project reaches the crowdfunding goal it will be filmed in various locations in the province of Alicante in Spain during August 2015.

The objective is to deliver the film in the first quarter of 2016.

I spoke with Silent Hill FROM THE LOST DAYS writer/director, Alex Slevin about his vision for faithfully adapting Silent Hill 3 for fans everywhere.

Alessa's hospital room - FROM THE LOST DAYS production art

Alessa’s hospital room – FROM THE LOST DAYS production art

My Silent Hill: What do you hope to capture in Lost Days that perhaps wasn’t touched on or portrayed to your liking in the official films?

Alex Slevin: I think the first film was good, but it had limitations and lacked courage for being a Hollywood production mainly focused on pleasing the fans. I read the draft of the script and found it more interesting in many things than the final version.

And the second one I found it to be a wasted opportunity to put the plot of Silent Hill 3 in a live action movie, because I think it only tried to put on some cheap scares and forgot completely about the narrative and characters.
With “from the Lost Days” I want to make something mainly centered around the feelings of the games, the solitude, the tension and the anguish to create something bizarre and truly disturbing, not just aesthetically sophisticated.


MSH: What was it about Silent Hill 3 that inspired you to make this film?

AS: I feel really close to the character of Heather/Alessa and I got fascinated and felt connected to the way that Silent Hill 3 portrays loneliness and personal loss. Also the mysticism and mythology of the game really engaged me (as I was a history and humanities student) by creating a very solid and terrifying world.

Some of the intended filming locations.

Some of the intended filming locations.

MSH: If people want to get involved in other ways, how can they help?

AS: At this stage of the production, the best way to help us is sharing the project to make aware of it the largest number of people possible, fans and newcomers. And if someone want’s to help on pre-production or take over an English dubbing of the film we’re open to it and very pleased to collaborate.

If you’d like to help make THE LOST DAYS a reality, head on over to their Indiegogo Page and like them on Facebook!

What would YOU like to see in a faithful Silent Hill film adaptation? Tell us in the comments below and keep it here as new information develops!

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