Silent Hill Downpour – PS3 Patch Released

Posted on by H.B. Duran

Today, Konami officially announced the PS3 patch for Silent Hill Downpour. Fans are saying the update takes about twenty minutes, so bring a book (of Memories?!), grab some White Claudia (not recommended) or make yourself a cup of tea. (Am I the only one who craves tea and coffee from all the crates in Silent Hill Downpour? Seriously?)

The Silent Hill Downpour bug will fix the following:

  • Improved frame rate
  • Fixed save game system
  • Fixed bugs in “Homeless” side quest/mission
  • Several other performance enhancements/bug fixes

Hooray! I didn’t encounter frame rate issues myself but the save game mechanic, as well as Old Homeless Homer’s broken promises were getting on my nerves. All should be well now, says Konami, so have fun!

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