Silent Hill: Book of Memories Patch & DLC Now Available

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It’s been nearly five months since the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Wayforward has just released its first patch. The 339MB download integrates code necessary for the Expansion Pack DLC, but also addresses some common concerns about gameplay.

“The main change is the integration of the new DLC elements,” director Adam Tierney told Rely on Horror, “which include additional characters, costumes, weapons, artifacts, forsaken rooms, notes, accessories, etc. Pretty much every major system in the game was added to. To access those additions in your own game, you need to buy the DLC. But downloading the patch allows you to see those elements when playing in someone else’s DLC game, or when they bring those items into your game. The maximum player level has also been increased, and there are a handful of new trophies (including rewards for getting 100% light or blood notes).”

“Beyond DLC additions, we made a number of tweaks based on gamer reaction and our own playtesting, which add up to a slightly kinder game experience. The biggest adjustment is that when you die in a single player game now, you’re kicked back to the start of the stage without any progress loss. You’ve still dropped most of your items (as in multiplayer), but you can head back to where you died to re-collect those items. This adjustment also means no more re-loading the stage after death. Other adjustments include a retooled poison trap (it’s not a single-hit kill anymore, and its effects don’t last as long) and lots of re-balancing of elements throughout the game (such as enemy HP and damage) to iron out any problem areas.”

Heather Skin

This should be great news to those who tried Silent Hill: Book of Memories but were disappointed by some of the rage quit-inducing elements. But enough with the fixes, what do you get with the Expansion Pack? Glad you asked…

  • 10 new playable characters, including  James Sunderland and Heather Morris
  • 50 New Outfits
  • 15 New Accessories, including Mira and Robbie the Rabbit heads
  • 2 new rooms
  • 14 New Artifacts
  • 10 New Weapons, including the Princess Heart wand, throwable TVs, Pyramid Head’s Great Spear and more
  • 15 New Story Notes
  • 2 New Enemies – Grey Child and a new twist on Shattered Memories‘ Raw Shock
  • 4 New Trophies

Some things to note about the DLC – once you’ve downloaded it and start your game, you have 5 identity stones to play with. Using one to change your character won’t lose any progress, so have fun. Even if you left off in the middle of a game before downloading the DLC, you’ll immediately start to see those new weapons around the level when you start playing again. Certain items, however have simply been unlocked for purchase and do not automatically show up in your inventory like outfits, artifacts and accessories.

The DLC does not offer any spoilers or new endings, so it’s not necessary to finish the game once before downloading. It simply enhances your game, no matter what your current progress is.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories continues to rise not as cannon but as a celebration of the series as a whole. Don’t pick up this game and expect psychological horror, except for when you run into a room guns-a-blazing only to have Pyramid Head stab you in the face. (Voice of experience talking there.)

I’ll post an in-depth review of the DLC soon, but in the meantime you can pick up the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Expansion Pack for $4.99 on the PlayStation Store. What do YOU think of the expansion? Post your comments below!

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