Review: Silent Hill Book of Memories Expansion Pack

Posted on by H.B. Duran

On March 18, 2013, Konami and Wayforward Technologies released the first DLC for Silent Hill Book of Memories. The expansion pack includes a plethora of enhancements that don’t interfere with your current progress.

The Silent Hill Book of Memories Expansion Pack includes:

  • 10 new playable characters, including  James Sunderland and Heather Morris
  • 50 New Outfits
  • 15 New Accessories, including Mira and Robbie the Rabbit heads
  • 2 new rooms
  • 14 New Artifacts
  • 10 New Weapons, including the Princess Heart wand, throwable TVs, Pyramid Head’s Great Spear and more
  • 15 New Story Notes
  • 2 New Enemies – Grey Child and a new twist on Shattered Memories‘ Raw Shock
  • 4 New Trophies

I gave it a whirl and thought you all might like to know if it’s worth the $4.99 price tag. Here are my thoughts!

DLC Heather

Getting Started:

In order to play the Expansion Pack, you’ll first need to download the latest patch. Even if you don’t play the DLC, the update will allow you to see the new content during multiplayer. It also fixes a few bugs and common complaints about gameplay. (See our article for more information.)

I had saved in the middle of a level before I purchased the DLC and was happy to find that the Expansion Pack applies changes without losing any data. Before resuming my game, I popped over to the Character Options menu. To start, you have 5 identity stones to play with – allowing you to test out many of the new playable characters without spending more Memory Residue (MR). On the female side, you get Heather Morris/Mason and on the male, James Sunderland. Although you can’t change their outfits, skin color, etc., you can add accessories to James and Heather like hats and glasses. For either gender, you now have the Cosplay, Hip-Hop, Raver and  Vintage classes. If you don’t want to change or don’t end up using all the Identity Stones, you’re free to sell them to Howard and spend the MR on something else. Some fun new accessories include  Robbie the Rabbit and Mira heads, as well as a bloody knife sticking out of your head, ha ha.

Heather Skin

I wish I could say that Heather and James had the same voice actors as their original games, but I thought I caught a clip from one. (Or a great impersonation.) Silent Hill: HD Collection players may recognize Troy Baker as the voice of James again, along with the male goth class.


Even though I resumed my saved game, the new content showed up immediately. Crazy new weapons began popping up all over the dungeon, like cross bows, throwable TV sets, beam sabers and my favorite, the Princess Heart wand. Trust me, Silent Hill curses the day I picked up TWO of those. Rampage time!! Also, new monsters began to appear, like the Grey Child and Raw Shock, which totally gave me a double-take. Since the Rock Shocks impersonate other players, they add some chaos on multiplayer. I first encountered them on single-player, so I was justifiably confused.

More Memories

The Silent Hill: Book of Memories Expansion Pack breathes new life into a game that many fans might have put down for a while. (Myself included.) Although it doesn’t offer any new endings, the DLC adds a number of add-ons that spice things up a bit and encourage Hill Heads to open that book once again. For trophy hunters, there are four new to collect – but they’re a lot harder to achieve than you think!

For once, Konami didn’t send me a review code but for only $4.99, I think the Expansion Pack is just enough fun for just enough money. If you didn’t like the game to begin with, it really won’t change anything, in my opinion. However, if you enjoyed the game as a whole but share some of the common complaints or just got bored plowing through its 100 levels, this DLC may be just enough to lure you back.

A few notes about the patch:

You do NOT have to finish the game before getting the DLC. It doesn’t offer any spoilers or different endings, and the new items to collect automatically show up in your inventory or unlock in Howard’s store for purchase.

You do NOT have to have the Expansion Pack to play with others online. If they have the DLC, those DLC items will also show up in your game, so long as you’ve downloaded the patch. Unlike a lot of multiplayer games, you can still join a playlist if you all don’t have the same DLC content.

When you die, you drop items and spawn either at the beginning of the dungeon or at the save point room, but you keep your overall progress. Pre-patch, you reverted back to the save room but at the last save and no further. One bonus of dying pre-patch was that you could re-visit certain rooms you had already visited before the save and pick up weapons and MR that respawned with you. You could even head back to Scare Rooms and get another result, if you wanted to. I made a killing on a few levels looting weapons and selling them to Howard, only to die and then repeat the process. Now my little “Pyramid Head Scheme” doesn’t work, but at least I don’t lose all that progress.
No more rage-inducing poison trap deaths! The patch reduced the potency and duration of poison traps, so now you have to stay on it for more than a second or so before it does damage. If you keep stepping on it, that’s your fault! No more surviving an entire level just to walk over one of these bastards and have to start over. And, if you do, you just have to back track to pick up your stuff.

Sound effects are a bit off since the patch. In the original version, you’d get phantom Artifact Room noises from time to time, but in addition to that, now you get the Valtiel appearance sound whenever you start the level. You don’t see him appear anymore; he’s just there. His animation is complete once you complete a mission, I just found it strange that the beginning level animation changed. It’s a cool animation, I hope they fix that.

I had the game crash on me twice since the patch, but it hasn’t done it since. I had a freeze pre-patch, but nothing like that in a long time. If you have bugs to report, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Score: 8.5/10

Overall, I’m enjoying Silent Hill: Book of Memories more since the patch. Although I appreciated the old-school method of conserving saves, it was really tough when you had 100 levels! Let’s face it – after a while it just got old. Now I have new items to collect and accessories to change up my character.

The Silent Hill: Book of Memories Expansion Pack is available now in the PlayStation Store for $4.99. Have you tried it? Rate it below!


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