RIP P.T. – The Silent Hills That Almost Was

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It was one year ago today that Silent Hills was discovered at the end of a frightening game demo called P.T. The unexpected announcement at Gamescom 2014 made fans’ hearts soar and Silent Hills became a world sensation.

...and just like that, Silent Hills was gone.

…and just like that, Silent Hills was gone.

With Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, we all looked forward to what kind of nightmares this dream time would cook up in the Town That Takes All.

Despite over 100,000 petition signatures, Silent Hills remains cancelled.

Let’s take a look back and remember the good times that P.T. brought us, shall we?

Today, August 13th is filled with sorrow as we imagine what Silent Hills could have been:

  • Silent Hill back in the hands of Japanese developers; whose keen and often strange sense of horror made the original game so memorable!
  • A soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka; although this was never official, Yamaoka told me that he would “love to” compose the soundtrack.
  • Awesome graphics in the Fox Engine – this concept movie from the Tokyo Game Show 2014 shows just how messed up Silent Hills could have been to play:

  • Norman Reedus as the main character – known most widely for his roles in Boondock Saints and The Walking Dead, this motorcycle-riding bad boy was really looking forward to the project.

If you still have P.T. on your PlayStation 4 hard drive, you can relive the terror as long as you like. If you don’t, the game was unfortunately removed from the PlayStation Store. Trust us, it was unnerving!

Konami claims that they will continue making Silent Hill, but considering the recent Silent Hill slot machine announcement, fans aren’t holding their breath for a great product.

Kojima and Del Toro have announced they will still be working together on an unknown project, but it brings little comfort for those of us who dreamed of Silent Hills.

On a side note, I wonder what happened to that weird, sink chicken baby from P.T.?


Gross! Dammit, Claudia!!

What was your favorite part of P.T., Hill Heads? Leave your memories and links below, and hang in there – maybe some day our beloved franchise will return with a vengeance!

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