P.T.’s Ghost is a Weapon in Metal Gear V

Posted on by H.B. Duran

P.T. boasts a lot of NOPE moments, but none so scream-worthy as the ghost of Lisa. (At least that’s what we all assume her name is.) With her yellowed teeth and missing eye, the weeping spirit of this poor,  murdered woman now haunts a new game – Metal Gear Solid V.

Hideo Kojima is known for adding cameo appearances of himself and other characters into his games, and it looks like Metal Gear Solid V will be no exception with at least one P.T. cameo that we know of.

Gamespot reports on the P.T. “Big Boss” decoy:

The Big Boss decoy will feature a ghost version, which has everyone’s favorite, clingy girl from P.T. weeping at someone else. Kudos to your dog buddy for not being scared at all. NPCs may not be so lucky.


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