10 Moody Songs To Add To Your Silent Hill Playlist

Posted on by H.B. Duran
"Inspiration" by DestinyBlue on DeviantArt

“Inspiration” by DestinyBlue on DeviantArt

Silent Hill has blessed us with a lot of powerful, moody and engrossing music over the years, thanks to Akira Yamaoka and Daniel Licht. As we update our playlists for those chilly, autumn days ahead, here are 10 songs that remind me of Silent Hill that you may enjoy:

1. Night Becomes Her – Patrick O’Hearn

In the surprising comfort of the basement room, you stop surviving long enough to remember what tragic event brought you there in the first place.

2. Concept 9 – Kodomo

Flickering fluorescent lights cast a sickening, green glow on faded advertisements, graffiti and debris. It’s no good, there’s a dead end…but wait! The turnstile has a strange symbol painted on it; you’ve seen it before. Reaching into your pocket, you pull out the token you found earlier. The same symbol has been scratched into one side.

3. The Clearing – Deaf Center

The fog rolls in over Toluca Lake, leaving you with only the sound of your dark thoughts and deep croaks of the frogs nearby. There is a chill on the air, but something draws you closer. You pull your coat tighter around your body and step into the mist to investigate…

4. Any Other Name – Thomas Newman

A child’s bedroom, left abandoned. Photos of a happy family lay cracked on the splintered, wooden floor. You peer out the window at the fog rolling through town and pause in the eerie silence to remember your own childhood. A small smile fades across your lips as you return a toy to its place on a dusty shelf. Why has Silent Hill brought you here…?

5. David – Sonanaut

Your footsteps echo through the empty streets. A street light swings back and forth in the rolling fog. There’s a building up ahead, and it looks like the door is open. As your pace quickens, your radio begins to emit static…

6. Perfect Neglect in a Field Of Statues – Eluvium

The ceiling of the Grand Hotel looms overhead, with once glimmering chandeliers and elegant murals, now peeling from neglect. You imagine what it would have been like to stay here in all its luxury. In the darkness, a sound floats to your cautious ears…its that a piano playing…?

7. Dare-Gale – Jacaszek

Annie’s Bar slowly appears through the fog like a ghost; man, a drink would be fantastic, especially after what you’ve seen today. As you venture inside the cold, empty billiard room, it occurs to you that this area seems untouched by the effects of Silent Hill. A note hangs from the bulletin board – it’s addressed to you!

8. Even the Wind Seemed in Deep Sleep – Minilogue

The rusty fan turns endlessly with a pounding rhythm. Is that rust, or is it blood? You can’t trust your eyes anymore. Not here. Your flashlight casts strange shadows on the metal grating on the floor. On the walls. Everything is cold, rusted metal. A gurney blocks your path ahead, and something is lying on it. Is that–?

9. While the Cold Winter Waiting – Trentemoller

“Come closer,” the familiar voice beckons you. The stale air chokes your lungs as you take a hesitant step deeper into the day room, its furniture draped with faded, dust-covered fabric. It couldn’t be her…could it?

10. Stone Beacon – Deaf Center

The hallways seems to go forever – memory after memory flooding your brain as you break into a frantic run. There is a light at the end. You are so close to the truth, you can feel it…

Well, there you have it – 10 songs to inspire the Silent Hill adventures of your imagination. Which songs remind you of Silent Hill? Leave them in the comments below!

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