Silent Hill: The Arcade


Developer: Konami



Release Dates:

July 25, 2007 – Japan
2008 – Europe

Silent Hill: The Arcade is a rail-shooter similar to House of the Dead, in which players can aim and shoot at monsters on the screen, in order to obtain a high score. Released in Japan and Europe, players can save their progress using an e-amusement pass.

The Story

Eric is a 21-year old college student who used to live in Silent Hill. A student of the occult, Eric sets out to Silent Hill with some friends to study urban legends surrounding Toluca Lake. For you vigilant Hill Heads, you’ll remember that in Silent Hill 2 we read about the Little Baroness. This ship disappeared on Toluca Lake, along with 14 passengers. Eric’s grandfather was the Captain of this ship. Lately he’s been having nightmares about a little girl and a steam ship. Could they be connected somehow? (duh) Tina, one of his friends, tags along to visit the 9 year old daughter of the Historical Society’s chief librarian.  Emily, as it turns out, is another little girl we have to chase around town.


In Silent Hill: The Arcade, players can choose to play as Eric,  or both Eric & Tina during co-op. Their other friends go missing and you get to choose whether or not to save them along the way. There are reportedly “Good ” and “Bad” endings to achieve. Monsters are a combination of familiar and new, including Gumheads and Stingers from Silent Hill 4: The Room, Dogs from Silent Hill 3 and of course, nurses and Pyramid Head, aka Red Pyramid Thing. The music is also taken from other Silent Hill games, including Theme of Laura from the Silent Hill 2 OST.

Locations include Brookhaven Hospital. On an interesting note, the Otherworld is triggered by a Boat Horn rather than an air raid siren. Players are constantly bombarded with monsters from all angles, unlike the atmospheric suspense that the games usually bring. Nurses and tremors even fall from the ceiling.

Silent Hill: The Arcade is the only Silent Hill game that we know of in which you actually have to fight Robbie the Rabbit!

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Here’s the introduction, as filmed by Gamer Kitty:

As of this writing, Silent Hill: The Arcade is not available outside of Japan or Europe.

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