Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Silent Hill Shattered Memories


Developer: Climax Studios


Nintendo Wii
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
PlayStation 2

Release Dates:

December 8, 2009 – North America (Wii)
January 19, 2010 – North America (PlayStation 2)
February 26, 2010 – Europe
March 25, 2010 – Japan
May 6, 2010 – Australia

Hell Frozen Rain…

Silent Hill Shattered Memories is a reimagining of the original Silent Hill game, but with a twist; the game responds to your own actions to determine how everything plays out, including how characters and certain locations appear to you. This is accomplished through a number of psych evaluations performed by our favorite doctor, Michael Kaufman, along with the actual decisions you make, i.e. what you look at, how you react to monsters, etc.

The story begins with a familiar enough concept; Harry Mason wakes up after a car accident to find that his young daughter, Cheryl is missing. Concerned, he sets out into the snow to find her. The town is experiencing the worst snow storm it’s had in recent memory and the town appears deserted. Along your journey, you’ll encounter some familiar names; Cybil Bennett, Lisa Garland and even Dahlia…but things are very different. For one, you cannot fight monsters; only push them off you to run away and use flares to temporarily earn some breathing room. Secondly, your inventory gets a modern twist, a la Harry’s cell phone. Use it to take pictures, make calls, etc. Rather than read newspaper articles or notes around town, Harry gets voice messages and texts that provide back story and the usual tales of tragedy around Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories plays differently between platforms; on the Wii, the motion controls are used to physically turn knobs, pick up objects, etc. (Much like in Heavy Rain) On PlayStation 2 and PSP, the analog sticks allow for more accurate movement, alleviating some of the reported frustration.





SOUNDTRACK Рthe last from Akira Yamaoka!



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