Silent Hill Orphan 2

Silent Hill Orphan 2SILENT HILL ORPHAN 2

Developer: Gamefederation Studio

Alternate Title: Silent Hill Mobile 2 (UK)


Mobile (.jar format)
PC (Thanks to Silent Hill Universe)

Release Date:

September 2008


The horror continues with Silent Hill Orphan 2, aka Silent Hill Mobile 2. This time, a bizarre story unfolds between Lucas, Karen and Vincent. Lucas wakes up with no memory of who he is or how he got there. His skin burns and his anguish is soothed only by the voice of Karen, who tells him his name and that he must kill the man responsible for their pain. When Vincent gets to the hospital, his nightmare begins, as does his confusion.

Silent Hill: Orphan is a 3-part series of bloody tales surrounding the topic of abandoned children. The game style for each is consistent; puzzles, text with thin but scary music and point and click combat. Since the games cannot be played via touch screen, they are no longer compatible with modern phones. Click on the link below to download right to your computer and enjoy!







Konami Digital Entertainment GMBH

  • Producer – Axel de RougĂ©
  • Product Manager – Sachie Tomioka (KDE-Europe)
  • Head of Mobile Business – Florian Stronk

Based on a storyline by Fuguyama Sushimoto and Vataki Wasabi

Gamefederation Studio

  • Technical Director – Erik Moseng
  • Producer – Kris Saw
  • Associate Producer – Thomas Lindgren
  • Game Designer – Pelle von Koch
  • Project Manager – Vadim Kuzenkov
  • Lead Programmer – Evgeniy Seryshev
  • Programmers – Marius Olsen, Alexander Rusakov, Geir Berg, Elena Ushakova, Michael Suvorov
  • Art Director – Anders Korodi
  • Lead Artist – Mattias Hallström
  • Artists – Dmitry Melsitov, Elena Stekacheva
  • QA Lead – Henning Larsen

Made with INK Technology

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