Silent Hill Homecoming

Silent Hill Homecoming


Developer: Double Helix Games

Alternate Titles: Silent Hill 5, Silent Hill V


PlayStation 3
XBox 360
Windows PC (via Steam)

Release Dates:

September 30, 2008 – North America
November 6, 2008 – North, Central, South America (PC via Steam exclusive)
February 27, 2009 – Europe
March 19, 2009 – Australia
(Japanese release cancelled)

Evil Welcomes You Back Home

Alex Shepherd is a soldier who’s just been released from the hospital and eager to return home. When he gets back to the sleepy town of Shepherd’s Glen, it’s eerily quiet. People, particularly children, have gone missing – including Alex’s brother, Josh. Alex turns to his combat training and decides to get to the bottom of this; only to find that things are much worse than he imagined.

Silent Hill Homecoming is a tale of family history…and secrets. The object of the game is to find Josh, but your adventure takes you to many locations, including Silent Hill, of course, and in the path of a number of horrific monsters. Silent Hill Homecoming is greatly inspired by the 2006 film; featuring the same Pyramid Head design by Patrick Tatopoulos (called Bogeyman in the game) and the “bobble head” nurses affected by light. This is also the first in the Silent Hill series to show the transformation in real-time between foggy and Otherworld environments.






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