Silent Hill Book of Memories

Silent Hill Book of MemoriesSILENT HILL BOOK OF MEMORIES

Developer: Wayforward Technologies

Platform: PlayStation Vita (PSVita)

Release Dates:

October 16, 2012 – North America
October TBA 2012 – Europe
October TBA 2012 – Australia
TBA – Japan

If you could re-write our lives any way that you please, would you tear out the pages of our memories?  – Love Psalm

In Silent Hill Book of Memories,  you are given a book for your birthday that contains all your memories. By changing the book, you can change your future…but at what cost?

Silent Hill Book of Memories is the first in a lot of categories for the series; first multiplayer co-op, first time you can customize a character, first time as a top-down adventure and first title for the PlayStation Vita. The game has garnered mixed impressions by the fans, most being unhappy; but time will tell if the title is worthy of the name Silent Hill.

It is important to remember that Silent Hill Book of Memories is a spin-off and not a pillar title like Silent Hill Downpour. I, for one, got to try it at E3 2012 and wasn’t disgusted. Although the demo was brief, it reminded me of a lot of an online Silent Hill RPG, where we used to add to a story from our characters’ perspectives. We often encountered classic monsters and had to fight together to survive. This game is very much in that vein, in that it could potentially be a fun experience for a group of friends.

Keep it here as we review the game, but in the meantime you can check out the trailer and screenshots below.





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