Silent Hill 2: Born From a Wish

Available on the Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut and PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits, players can enjoy Born From a Wish; a mini adventure starring Maria. Although it’s not an out-right spoiler, playing  Letter from Silent Heaven first will give you an advantage while navigating.

“I don’t want to die. I’m so afraid of pain!”

Maria wakes up in her dressing room at Heaven’s Night. There’s a revolver on the table. Where is everyone…and why are there monsters everywhere? Frightened but eager to escape, Maria sets out into the fog and finds herself at Baldwin Mansion. Mr. Baldwin won’t come out of his room, but she feels bad for him and agrees to help locate a few usual items. The game includes some puzzles, back story and interesting tie-ins to the main story line.

Born From a Wish offers some insight into Maria’s personality and possibly where she came from.




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