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Silent Hill Fan Art Gallery

For those who love fog and air raid sirens, the inspiration never ends. Please enjoy this Silent Hill fan art gallery and thanks to all our talented contributors.  Have some art you’d like to share? We’d love to see it! See our submission guidelines for details and your work could be featured on our site.

H. B. Duran

Country – USA
Deviant Art Page
Mediums Used: Prismacolor pencils, markers & Photoshop

  • Siege of Power Siege of Power Colored pencil, marker
  • Silent Hill 2 Anime Silent Hill 2 Anime Photoshop
  • Maria Maria Marker, Photoshop
  • The Escape The Escape Ink
  • Alessa Alessa Colored Pencil
  • Pyramid Head Cheats Pyramid Head Cheats Marker, Colored Pencil
  • Memory of Alessa Memory of Alessa Photoshop
  • Alex Shepherd Alex Shepherd Pencil
  • Toilet Toilet Marker


Country – USA
Deviant Art Page
Medium Used: Microsoft Paint

See her entire “Silly Hill” collection here!


EDITOR’S NOTE – The images on this page are used with written permission. We do not promote plagiarism on My Silent Hill! If you see artwork or anything else you created on this site and you were not asked permission, please contact us right away. Thank you!

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