Shot Down In Flames Lyrics

Shot Down in Flames lyrics as featured on Silent Hill: Origins OST

Music by Akira Yamaoka
Lyrics by Joe Romersa
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Transcribed for My Silent Hill by H. B. Duran

(c) Konami


Swear at the walls, they make fun of me
Day after day, eyes that follow me
Is it you again, can this be the end forever

Sepia eyes, child’s heart that cries
Raven flight, flies and the meaning dies
As it was before, it will be no more
Time does that


Say it again, like you said doesn’t sound like you
Where are you now, does the young one know you’re here
Breath on the glass once again, feel her pull you in
Nobody leaves, you won’t let you
You’re afflicted

Can you hide who you are
Take a look at yourself
Can you stop what will be, you think running will help
Can’t give up on the past when the past never ends
Now the dead that you raised live in me

What have you done, you’re insane
Can you bring God down
Plans that you make don’t include me
One more time

Fire will dance on the wind
Ringing in your heart
Your sacrifice wasn’t wanted, still you try



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