Silent Hill Downpour Anne’s Story #1 – Review

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Anne’s Story #1 takes us into the mind of Overlook Corrections Officer, Anne Marie Cunningham. It was apparent while playing Silent Hill: Downpour that she was having her own, separate adventure that occasionally crossed paths with Murphy. But until now, we had no idea what that adventure entailed.

Here’s our review of Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story Issue #1:

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I only have a couple small beefs with Anne’s Story #1 – At one point, Anne wanders into a cave shaped like a mouth, which struck me as a bit unoriginal for some reason. If it was a game, the player would no doubt whine outside and not want to enter…but Anne doesn’t say a word.

Speaking of Anne’s words…it doesn’t bother me, necessarily, but be forewarned that there is a LOT of cursing. And lastly, it was just TOO SHORT! The story pacing is rather quick and before I knew it, I was at the end. Granted, this is the size of a standard comic, but IDW should take that as a compliment. It’s going to be really hard to wait for issue #2!

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