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My Silent Hill

The Ultimate Guide To Your Special Place – Silent Hill!

GIVEAWAY! Silent Hill 2 Jacket Prize Pack [CLOSED]

on Sat, Oct 18, 2014 | By H.B. Duran

It’s our birthday!! My Silent Hill is 2 years old and to celebrate, we’re giving away a Silent Hill 2 jacket prize pack! Entry-Form   Here’s what you get:   OFFICIALLY LICENSED SILENT HILL JACKET Generously donated by Insert Coin Clothing! Size: Guys Large Measurements: 62cm chest, 74cm long This is a well-made replica of the jacket worn by James...

Silent Hill Downpour Anne’s Story #2 – Review

on Sat, Oct 18, 2014 | By H.B. Duran

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story is a comic book mini series that tells the game’s story from the perspective of Corrections Officer, Anne Marie Cunningham. Written by: Tom Waltz Art by: Tristan “T-Rex” Jones Colors by: Michael Spicer In this issue, Anne is at the exit of Devil’s Pit when she sees Murphy…and knows what she has to do....

P.T.’s Ghost is a Weapon in Metal Gear V

P.T. ghost decoy
on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 | By H.B. Duran

P.T. boasts a lot of NOPE moments, but none so scream-worthy as the ghost of Lisa. (At least that’s what we all assume her name is.) With her yellowed teeth and missing eye, the weeping spirit of this poor,  murdered woman now haunts a new game – Metal Gear Solid V. Hideo Kojima is known for adding cameo appearances of himself and other characters into his games,...

Masahiro Ito Joins Project Scissors

Masahiro Ito Joins Project Scissors
on Sat, Sep 20, 2014 | By H.B. Duran

Masahiro Ito, the creature designer from Silent Hill 1-3 is once again drawing us some nightmare fuel for upcoming indie games dubbed Project Scissors. A spiritual successor to the original, terrifying Clocktower games, Project Scissors is a new horror game series led by Clocktower director, Hifumi Kouno. Set on a luxury cruise liner, Project Scissors tells the story of unexplained,...

Silent Hills (P.T.) Concept Movie

Silent Hills concept trailer
on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 | By H.B. Duran

Silent Hills got a new concept trailer at the Tokyo Game Show and holy crap is it freaky! So far, Kojima is keeping his promise to create a game that makes you sh#@ your pants. In case you missed it, this Silent Hills/P.T. concept movie is full of NOPE: (WARNING: disturbing images) According to Gamespot, Silent Hills may be released in episodes, much like a TV show. WATCH...