When You’re Gone Lyrics

When You’re Gone Lyrics as featured on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST

Music by Akira Yamaoka
Lyrics by Joe Romersa
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Lyrics transcribed by H. B. Duran


Did I wait too long, moments gone
Dead now, wasted
Coming back to home, it feels wrong
Changes haunt me

Things that came before leave me lost, confused, searching
Everything I own takes me back nowhere
Objects in room, they might be telling me something soon
Still you ask me how I feel
I feel lost, that’s how I feel


I know I know 
There’s something I’ve forgotten
Like a time, a place, a shattered memory
For me  it’s more than I can seem to handle 
It’s the pain, my mind, there’s writing on the wall

The truth, you lie 
You said you can’t convince it to give up
This place will never set me free
Enough, I know I really did it this time
It’s a sign, this place – it’s somewhere I should be

Takin’ a piece out of my heart when you’re gone

Are my eyes too blind
To find illusions hung deep inside, growing
What I’ve lost, I find
And what I find brings me here


Takin’ a piece out of my heart
That’s where it always starts
When you’re gone

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