Tender Sugar Lyrics

Tender Sugar lyrics as featured on Silent Hill 4: The Room OST

Music by Akira Yamaoka and Joe Romersa
Lyrics by Hiroyuki Owaku, adapted for English by Joe Romersa
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Transcribed for My Silent Hill by H. B. Duran

(c) Konami

I run, I fall, blood ripped away
Check my body now
Was it body or soul

The darkness fades, fades to the light
Disappearing now, disappears from the night
And all these nightmares I once had as a child
The morning always came, it came too late
What did my mind forget, forget to hide
Could the nightmare be awake and I don’t know

In or out, up or down, never know – it’s an illusion
Round and round, on and on
Every day spins my confusion


Not again, not again, not again 
this dream I can’t awake
What is real, what is real, what is real
It’s getting hard for me to take
What I need, what I need, what I need
A little something I rely
And the white sugar gently hides me

Oh the sweet sugar saves me
It’s the room that confines me

Confines me….sweet sugar

(guitar solo)

Yesterday, back and forth
Broken door no longer opens
Breaking down, leading now
Mother’s sugar always loves me


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