Love Psalm Lyrics

Love Psalm Lyrics as featured on the Silent Hill: Book of Memories OST

Written by Troy Baker
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Lyrics Transcribed by H. B. Duran


This isn’t the life that I dreamed it could be
I’m staring into the eyes of the shell left of me
And now every decision I make
the good, the pleasure and the pain
could simply all be erased if I choose it to be

This nightmare unfolds like a rose that waits til the spring
it’s so close to the sanity I’m trying to cling to
I’m tearing out the pages ’cause it hurts
to be forced to feel the heart break; how much of this torture can I take
is it not worth the risk to create
Just one motion, I know that I can fix it


If you could rewrite our life any way that you please
would you tear out the pages of our memories
would you take back the pain and all the hurt we create
or could you be satisfied with the love that you made with me

(guitar solo)

or could you be satisfied with the promise you made

We can rewrite our lives but it’s not what we think
In the chaos we dance as we stand on the brink
always one change away from making ourselves complete
the world will perish in flames and I’ll watch as you fade from me

Rewrite our love psalm
Rewrite our love psalm
Rewrite our love psalm

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