Hole In the Sky Lyrics

Hole In the Sky lyrics as featured on Silent Hill: Origins OST

Music by Akira Yamaoka
Lyrics by Joe Romersa
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Transcribed for My Silent Hill by H. B. Duran

(c) Konami

Oh, yeah I’ve been here before
I can see it with eyes closed
Shadows that look like blood
Dead as far as the mind goes

Fear that comes from my head
Lives in the mirror

Why won’t you let me out
Does the evil excite you
Haven’t you had enough
Does the feeling control you

Just when I think I’m okay
Shadows surround me
All of the monster you are
I can feel in my head

Let me out (x8)

No more, I’m through
You win, I’m there
You’re sorry, sorry
No, you’re a lie
It’s over, nothing here left alive

Let me out (x8)

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