Silent Hill OST

Silent Hill OST

Sound Producer
Akira Yamaoka

Producer:  Takahuaru Ikeda
Executive Producer: Shigeru Fukutake
A&R Akio Mishima
Music Written & Arranged by: Akira Yamaoka
Ending Theme “Esperandote” Produced by Rika Muranaka (Click here for song lyrics!)
Recording Engineer: Gabriel Szhura
Mastering Engineer: Seiji Kaneko


The Silent Hill OST, although less musical than those that follow in the series is a haunting mix of music and things that go bump in the night. Listening to the Silent Hill OST alone may cause some paranoia, lol, and that’s the voice of experience! Great for reliving your first adventure with Harry Mason. We’ve even used it as ambient noise for a Halloween party! The Silent Hill OST is a must-have for hard-core Silent Hill fans and those who dream in air raid sirens, rusted metal and white noise…


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