Silent Hill Homecoming OST


Release Dates:

November 24, 2008 (included with game)
April 17, 2012 (Digital download available)

Silent Hill: Homecoming (Original Soundtrack) - Akira Yamaoka

Silent Hill Homecoming OST is a mournful and mysterious collection of music by Akira Yamaoka. Joe Romersa returns as lyricist and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn provides vocals for the soundtracks’ musical tale of family and betrayal. The music will take you back to the foggy streets of Shepherd’s Glen, the¬†decrepit¬†halls of the Grand Hotel and the horrors that await Alex as he explores Silent Hill.

Originally available only with certain pre-orders, the Silent Hill Homecoming OST is now available for purchase via MP3 download! Sample and purchase individual tracks using the widget above or order a physical album for your collection below.

Click HERE for Silent Hill Homecoming OST song lyrics!

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