Silent Hill Book of Memories OST


Release Date: April 17, 2012

Music composed by Daniel Licht

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Silent Hill: Book of Memories - Daniel Licht

The Silent Hill Book of Memories OST takes us each level of the game; fire, earth, water, rust, etc. as you and your friends battle through the Otherworld. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn returns with performances on “Now We’re Free” and “Love Psalm”, featuring Troy Baker. Each track on the sountrack reflects the unique look and feel of each world in Book of Memories. Although the game’s release was pushed out to October 2012, the soundtrack was released right on time; so fans got a sneak peek at the musical side of Silent Hill’s first co-op.

Here at My Silent Hill, we appropriately LOVE “Love Psalm,” but found the other tracks inspirational for Silent Hill fan fiction. What do YOU think, Hill Heads?


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