Blow Back Lyrics

Blow Back lyrics as featured on Silent Hill: Origins OST

Music by Akira Yamaoka
Lyrics by Joe Romersa
Performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Transcribed for My Silent Hill by H. B. Duran

(c) Konami


Day light, dark light, bright ray
Am I fading in light
I can see through the fear, nice try
Just a matter of time, it’s another lie
When the fire turns cold, who’s here
It sure looks like it’s me

Closer to the source of my pain
Mirror knows

Oh I’m not myself, my god what have you done
All the memories of them keep coming home

And the nightmares are good, so good
Will I ever wake up, am I here right now
Was the question too hard, Dad was right
He said nightmares are good

Mommy am I dead now
Tell me why do we

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